Protective coatings, hydrophobic materials, anticorrosion To introduce energy-saving technologies to grease, resource-saving and energy-efficient technologies. industrial productions and state corporations.

"NANOPROTECH" products can be used in any industrial sector, regardless of the scale and specificity.


  • heavy industries (mining, processing, chemical, machine building, metallurgy, energy, etc.);
  • agriculture;
  • aviation and aircraft construction;
  • river transport,
  • shipbuilding and ship repair;
  •  rail, land transport, subway and escalators;
  • utilities (preparation for the winter season, maintenance of equipment);
  • restore maintenance and repair of military equipment and weapons, different kinds of weapons; water utilities; motorcycles, ATVs, snowmobiles and bicycles.

"NANOPROTECH" products are the only products whose efficiency in the protection of metal, electric details, mechanisms, machinery and equipment from any kind of humidity (steam, moisture, condensate, fog, splashes, salt water, acid rains, chlorinated water, chemical evaporation, etc.) has been proved by practical application.

"NANOPROTECH" are unique water resistant and anticorrosion products for industrial use. Hi-tech nanotechnolgies were used in the process of creation of every Nanoprotech product. That is why, today Nanoprotech trade mark is an innovation leader in protection of metal, current conductive elements and electronic details from a damage caused by humidity.

Long-term activity of the company, growth of number of partners, and international status of the partners confirm a success of cooperation.


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